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Congratulations to Kristina Kaljo, PhD, the inaugural recipient of the Campbell Narrative Fund Award! Read about her project here.

Bruce Campbell MD - Head and Neck Surgeon and author of A Fullness of Uncertain Significance: Stories of Surgery, Clarity and Grace

A Fullness of

Uncertain Significance:

Stories of Surgery, Clarity, and Grace

Bruce H. Campbell, MD FACS

A Fullness of Uncertain Significance - Norbert Blei August Derleth Award
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A Fullness of Uncertain Significance: Stories of Surgery, Clarity, and Grace is moving toward production.

A year ago, I was struggling to find anyone interested in helping me get the book published. I had contacted a list of promising literary agents and, other than a couple of gentle rejection emails, had heard nothing. I was exploring self publishing options.

Happily, I submitted my proposal to Orange Hat Publishing, a local independent press, where I was offered a "hybrid contract." This agreement shares the risk between the author and publisher and opens up a wonderful palette of editing, artistic, and marketing expertise and services. Hearing back from Orange Hat was a delight. The book was assigned to their TEN16 Press imprint.

Over the past few months, my wonderful editor, Jenna Zerbel, had me re-work many of the essays. I standardized verb tenses, reviewed terminology, eliminated repetition, added clarity, and tightened up the entire manuscript. After re-reading the entire manuscript and re-editing twice, I was proud of the result.

Managing Editor Lauren Blue then formatted the internal pages so that it now looks like a book. I now know that it will be almost 300 pages; before that, I had no concept of its length. Seeing it "look like a book" instead of a long college term paper was a thrill.

Graphic designer, Kaeley Dunteman, is working on the cover and some of the internal design elements. Her work on some of my friends' books has been spectacular, and I am looking forward to seeing what she does with this one.

Over the past few days, I have worked with author relations manager and editorial assistant, Sean Malone, on a schedule, including pre-orders and a launch date. Orange Hat owner and most enthusiastic person, Shannon Ishizaki, is helping me select people to serve as advance readers who will review the Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) and write short reviews that can appear on the back cover or inside the book.

So, as I understand things, here is a rough schedule (subject to change) of what will happen over the coming weeks:

By May 1, 2021, Advance Reader Copies will go to a small group of early readers asking for their reviews.

During June 2021, the early reviews return and are incorporated into the manuscripts and cover.

During July, the cover design is finalized.

On July 29, 2021, Pre-orders begin! The book will be available for preorder through TEN16 Press and other online sites.

On September 28, 2021, the book will be released. We are hoping that COVID-19 restrictions will have lifted a bit by then so we can have an in-person book launch and party. I have a couple of ideas of where that might be but am open to suggestions.

After September 28, 2021, I hope to have the book available on-line and in stores. I'm still learning how that works. Maybe I will get to do a reading, a book club, or an event or two.

Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in the project! Watch this space for more information and links as the release approaches.

You're the best!

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