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Today is Release Day! 9/28/2021

A Fullness of Uncertain Significance: Stories of Surgery, Clarity, & Grace is now available! The collection of sixty stories and essays captures moments that were meaningful and/or important to me over the course of my career, sharing what it means to be a physician, a surgeon, and a caregiver.

I hope this book will be interesting and helpful to many groups, including premedical students, trainees, practicing physicians, workers in allied healthcare fields, patients, and those who love any of these people. The stories are, "well-crafted, poignant, sometimes funny, and always insigntful."

Rita Charon, MD PhD says, "these stories will change lives."

If you want a signed copy, order through the publisher, Ten16 Press. Mention that you want it signed in the memo line. You can order either a hardcover or paperback.

You can also order from a great independent bookstore, such as Prairie Lights, Books & Company, or Boswell Book Company .

If you must order from Amazon or B&N, please leave a review.

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