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Will you help me get the word out?

A Fullness of Uncertain Significance: Stories of Surgery, Clarity, & Grace will be launched shortly, and I invite you to be part of the "launch team."

Thank you, everyone! Many people have been generous with their time, talents, comments, and feedback as my book has gone from concept to reality. I am grateful for the heartwarming support I have received along the way. You are the best!

Launch day - September 28, 2021 - is approaching! If you wish to help promote the book on social media, on the internet, and among friends and family, here are a few suggestions:

  • Support the book on social media: Post reactions on your social media feeds. You can also “Follow,” “Like," and keep in touch with my wonderful publisher, Ten16 Press, and me on whatever platforms you participate. Here are links:

Author’s sites:

Twitter: @headmirror

Publisher’s sites:

  • Request the book be stocked at your local library or bookstore: Offer them the “sell sheet” (attached) and ask them to request the book by ISBN number:

Paperback: 9781645382638

Hardcover: 9781645382799

  • Support the book on Goodreads: Find A Fullness of Uncertain Significance: Stories of Surgery, Clarity, & Grace on Goodreads and add it to your “To Read” shelf. Consider posting a review.

Good news! The pre-order price is lower than the list price will be.

  • On 9/28/2021, think of us and, hopefully, join us at the launch party:

Date: Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Time: 7-9pm

City Lights Brewing Company: 2200 W Mt. Vernon Ave - Milwaukee, WI 532233

Parking: Plenty of parking in their large parking lot

Food and beverages? Of course

Information and RSVP at

  • After September 28:

    • Spread the word!

    • Buy the book for a friend or family member

    • Review the book on other sites (BookBub, Target, etc.)

    • Write a blog post about the book

    • Contact your ex-boyfriends who work at the New York Review of Books and NPR

    • Share links to essays, posts, interviews, articles, etc. from my website

    • Donate your copy to a little free library or your local hospital or nonprofit

    • Invite me to your book club, zoom chat, or small group gathering

    • Join me for a beer or a cup of coffee

THANK YOU SO MUCH! The entire team is very grateful and humbled by your support. Please contact us with any questions.

You can share the “Sell Sheet” with bookstores and libraries and ask them to consider purchasing and/or stocking the book.

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