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Advance Praise for "A Fullness of Uncertain Significance" - Peter Marty

Bruce Campbell is no average surgeon and no ordinary writer. He takes the excellence of his medical trade and weaves the challenges, exhilarations, and tough decisions of surgery

into beautiful prose. Here is one who clearly doesn’t reduce patients to a diagnosis, but who sees them as whole persons worth getting to know. The chapters in this book are like

windows into the humility and generosity of a man I’d like to have as my personal physician.

Peter W. Marty, author of The Anatomy of Grace and editor/publisher of The Christian Century

From Dr. Campbell:

Peter Marty is a talented, insightful, spiritual, and inspiring writer and human being. We first met in 2001 at Holden Village, a renewal center in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. During a session there, Peter asked those of us gathered to consider the difference between "healing" and "cure." His question still resonates with me, and I have spent the last two decades trying to discern a response.

He is a gifted, very busy parish pastor, writer, speaker, and editor. I was delighted that he was able to find time to read and respond to the book.

To pre-order A Fullness of Uncertain Significance, visit:

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