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Book Readings and Events

I enjoy sharing stories from the book and hearing about other peoples' experiences, whether in person or virtually. If you or your group would like to connect, please contact me through the website.

I will add more as information becomes available.

Below are some of the past and upcoming opportunities to talk about the book:


Book Lauch at City Lights Brewing in Milwaukee, WI

In-person event during a lull in COVID-19. A wonderful evening with friends, both old and new. The beer is excellent.


Virtual Book Lauch

About forty friends from around the world were able to sign in and share in the conversation. Thanks to the staff at TEN16 for setting this up.


House reading with friends in Pewaukee WI

About fifteen old friends gathered for appetizers and a few stories. Thanks, Mariann and Greg!


Taping for "The Short Coat" Podcast - University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

A great hour-long conversation with host Dave Etler and four UI medical students. Link to the podcast is here.


Medical College of Wiscoinsin 15th Annual Medical Humanities Lecture

I was honored to be invited to give this annual lecture to my MCW colleagues. It was a combination of lecture and my thoughts on the value of narrative medicine in medical education.


Taping for KevinMD Podcast

A great 15-mintue coversation with Kevin Pho, MD, better known as KevinMD. Link to the podcast is here.


Zablocki VA Medical Center Operating Room staff

This one was special. I have worked at the VA for over forty years and my OR colleagues were kind enough to ask me to talk about the book during their weekly educational hour. Honored.


Waukesha Sunrise Rotary Club

A community conversation about the book and medicine. My dad was a Rotarian, so we talked about that, as well.


St. John's Lutheran Church Friday morning book club

A chance to gather with my wife's book club friends. She has a different take on a couple of my stories. I suggested that she can fix things when she writes her own book.


Albert Einstein College of Medicine Department of Otorhinolaryngology Grand Rounds, New York City

A virtual book reading and conversation about writing and narrative. New and old friends. Made some connections with a couple of the residents, as well - always the best part.


St. John's Lutheran Church Adult Education Academy session

A book reading and discussion about the process of writing. When available, a link will appear under the St. John's Academy tab.


Johns Hopkins Department of Otolaryngology Grand Rounds

A chance to talk to some of the smartest otolaryngologists in the country.


Rush Surgical Society, Rush Univesity, Chicago

An opportunity to connect with the surgeons at my medical school alma mater.


Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Otolaryngology Grand Rounds

My own department! I will share the reading stage with talented pediatrician-author-colleague-writing buddy K. Jane Lee, MD, author of Catastropic Rupture.


Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Surgery Grand Rounds

An opportunity to spend time with some of the hardest working and decent people at my own institution.


Guest speaker in Mount Mary University's Theological Ethics in Healthcare course

Honored to be invited by Shawnee M. Daniels-Sykes, Ph.D. to speak to her class about my book and my thoughts about medical education.


Creighton University Department of Surgery Grand Rounds

I will travel to Omaha, NE to give Grand Rounds, facilitate some narrative exercies, and talk a bit about head and neck cancer. Thanks, Bill Lydiatt, MD for the invitation.

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