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Advance praise for "A Fullness of Uncertain Significance" - William Lydiatt, MD

In lucid and succinct vignettes, Dr. Campbell illuminates the myriad of emotions and sensations that accompany a life in surgery. These stories of persistence, camaraderie, shame, grief, guilt, and regret are told with a deep humility that springs from a

vantage point of experience. These ideas serve as the springboard to discuss unique, personal insights whose wisdom is of import to anyone in the healing profession. With elegant and engaging prose, Campbell beautifully expresses the honor it is to be a physician.

William Lydiatt, MD, Chief Medical Officer Nebraska Methodist and Women’s Hospitals and Professor of Surgery, Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska

From Dr. Campbell:

Dr. Lydiatt is a renaissance person, a brilliant head and neck surgeon, and an enthusiastic supporter of the medical humanities. In addition to his extraordinarily busy schedule as a compassionate and accomplished cancer surgeon, he is a national leader in cancer policy. He is also a faculty member in the University of Nebraska Omaha Medical Humanities program where he has teamed with others, such as poet Ted Kooser, painter and portraiture artist Mark Gilbert, and poet/writer Steve Langan to explore the places where the arts and medicine intersect. I was delighted when he was willing to read my book.

To pre-order A Fullness of Uncertain Significance, visit:

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