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Advance Praise for "A Fullness of Uncertain Significance" - K. Jane Lee, MD

With his willingness to delve beneath the surface, Bruce Campbell has created a deftly interwoven series of lessons gleaned from poignant moments of a fulfilling surgical career. In a warm, compassionate, and honest voice, Dr. Campbell delivers to the reader not just insights on medicine, but truths about humanity.

From Dr. Campbell:

Dr. Lee and I have both participated in MCW's writing group, the Moving Pens, and have been writing, editing, and publishing our books simultaneously. I have been privileged to hear her read aloud her parallel experiences as a physician caring for very sick children and as a mother of a special needs child. Her writing is clear, heartfelt, honest, compelling, and flawless.

Having her read my book ahead of publication was an honor.

To pre-order copies of A Fullness of Uncertain Significance and Catastrophic Rupture, visit:

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